Who We Are

Hello and welcome to our website.

Just a little about me, I have worked with many companies and 70% of them treated me with little to no respect. Typical corporate world! Well, regardless of that, I have a few companies now and I have other projects currently under development.

There are no hidden secrets to success apart from hard work and long hours. My education suffered due to bullying, but I managed to push through, even though my parents never had much, we were happy as a family. I would like to bring this feeling to families all over the world.

I am looking to raise money for toys, transportation, and holidays for the families. No parent wants to see their child suffering. I will also be hosting charity events around the world.

Thanks all,

Patron, Michael Hosking

What We Do

Helping Support Families in low-and middle-income countries.

Children with cancer in low-and middle-income countries face many barriers to receiving treatment. In the few cases where children do receive and accurate diagnosis and begin treatment, the immense emotional and financial costs can be crippling and means that many families often feel forced to abandon treatment mid-way through.

Families often have to travel long distances to reach their nearest hospital where they may be sent away with an incorrect diagnosis or to another hospital. Many children are referred to numerous different hospitals before receiving an accurate diagnosis. In many low-and middle-income countries there are often only one or two specialist hospitals able to treat childhood cancer, if any.

Survive Cancer
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These hospitals are usually based in the main cities, making it difficult to reach for those travelling from rural areas. These long, tiring journeys can put enormous financial strains on families who often already struggle for money.

As well as this, many parents have no source of income whilst staying at hospital, as their workplaces are many miles from the hospital. The accumulating treatment and medication costs add to this burden.

On top of the financial pressures, childhood cancer can have drastic impacts on families’ well-being. Knowing not only that your child has cancer but that, one day, you may no longer be able to pay for their treatment to get better, can take a huge emotional toll on parents. For children, having cancer can be scary, confusing and isolating, especially when they are being treated at hospitals far away from home for long periods of time.

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Why We Ask

We are doing this for #KidsWithCancer.

We build and fund partnerships which link together hospitals in the developed world with childhood cancer units in developing countries.

What makes these partnerships possible is that many of the world's leading hospitals, doctors and nurses give their time for free – training healthcare professionals around the world where they are needed most.

This voluntary medical aid enables us to fund vital services and tools to ensure children and their families receive the support they need.

Children Can Survive Cancer

Most childhood cancers can be effectively treated if diagnosed early enough. Kids with Cancer supports children, their families and healthcare professionals to maximise the effectiveness of treatment.

We believe every child deserve equal access to the best possible treatment and care but this is not a reality. In low-and middle-income countries, some 10% will survive compared to 80% in high income countries.

How To Give

You can help us do this for #KidsWithCancer, by supporting our campaign. We need your help to train more healthcare professionals, raise awareness of childhood cancer and support families through treatment. Together we can Close the Cancer Gap.


Our Fundraising team are bursting with ideas on ways you can get involved to support some of the poorest, and most vulnerable children living with cancer.

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